-40% Level 5 - The Canterville Ghost + Audio CD, Oscar Wilde

Level 5 - The Canterville Ghost + Audio CD, Oscar Wilde

  • Publisher: Eli
  • ISBN: 9788871009544
  • 110.00 Lei
  • 66.00 Lei
  • Ex Tax: 66.00 Lei

These series includes some of the most famous classics of English literature and most exciting fiction stories ever written. The different themes enable the readers to select the kind of story they prefer so, while enjoying themselves, they will be improving their English. All books are abridged and simplified in order to satisfy the needs of the intermediate level readers. The texts have been adapted without excessively altering the authors’ work in order to allow the readers to appreciate the language and style used in the original, unabridged version of the books. Footnotes are provided as an aid to comprehension. Each book includes comprehension exercises that revise grammatical skills and encourage the students to develop writing skills. The book comes with an audio CD, with audio/oral activities

Update 01.07.2021