Second Language Acquisition -45%
In the age of the global village and the world wide web, understanding the way in which people le..
300.00 Lei 165.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 165.00 Lei
Link Up Beginner Audio CDs -60%
Link Up is a five-level course that introduces teenagers to relevant themes through the study of Eng..
720.00 Lei 288.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 288.00 Lei
Level 3 - The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain -40%
A book from the Easy Readers A2-B1 collection  at the level of 600 to 1000 ..
55.00 Lei 33.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 33.00 Lei
Fascinating Facts - Animals -25%
Fascinating Facts: Animals helps introduce children to marine mammals, birds of prey and the diff..
180.00 Lei 135.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 135.00 Lei
Sixteen-year-old Starr lives in two worlds: the poor neighbourhood where she was born and raised and..
235.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 235.00 Lei
English for Business Life Intermediate Audio CD -45%
English for Business Life is written by experts in international business communication who underst..
720.00 Lei 396.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 396.00 Lei
Geschichte Deutschlands - Das Werden einer Nation -30%
Geschichte Deutschlands - Das Werden einer Nation - Hauptereignisse und Persönlichkeiten - Übungsapp..
180.00 Lei 126.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 126.00 Lei
Menschen: B1.2 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD -35%
- zum selbstständigen Vertiefen von Grammatik, Wortschatz, Redemitteln- gezieltes Training der vi..
220.00 Lei 143.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 143.00 Lei
Oberstufe 1 Fabeln und Erzahlungen, G. E. Lessing -45%
Mit uns! B2 Audio-CD zum Kursbuch + Audio-CD zum Arbeitsbuch -30%
• alle Hörtexte aus dem Kursbuch• Hörtexte zum Aussprachetraining aus dem ArbeitsbuchUpdate 07.07.20..
360.00 Lei 252.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 252.00 Lei
Wir 2: Lehrbuch A2 mit Audio-CD -40%
Das Lehrbuch enthält ansprechende Bildimpulse mit Dialogsituationen sowie Lernziele für den E..
380.00 Lei 228.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 228.00 Lei
DaF kompakt neu B1 Intensivtrainer - Wortschatz und Grammatik -10%
Intensivtrainer Wortschatz und Grammatik Ist ein auf das DaF kompakt neu B1 Kurs- und Übu..
300.00 Lei 270.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 270.00 Lei
6-8 Anni - Nano Nasone, Wilhelm Hauff -20%
Update 03.07.2020..
35.00 Lei 28.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 28.00 Lei
Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 : Quaderno DI Video DVD (l B1-B2) -15%
Con il Quaderno delle attività di Nuovo Progetto italiano Video 2 si completa..
132.60 Lei 112.71 Lei
Ex Tax: 112.71 Lei
Forte!: Guida Per L'insegnante 3 -10%
La Guida per l’insegnante di Forte! 3 (A2). Il volume fornisce spiegazio..
180.00 Lei 162.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 162.00 Lei
6-8 Anni - La famiglia De' Vampiris, Danila Rotta -20%
Via del Corso A2 Libro dello studente ed esercizi + CD audio (2) + DVD -10%
Via del Corso si rivolge a studenti adulti e giovani adulti di livello A2. È un innovativo manuale i..
420.00 Lei 378.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 378.00 Lei
Arrivederci! 3: Libro + CD audio + DVD -10%
Arrivederci! è un corso di lingua moderno e comunicativo che si rivolge ad adulti e giovani ..
332.00 Lei 298.80 Lei
Ex Tax: 298.80 Lei
Pharmaceutical Practice 4th Edition, Winfield -10%
Published: 01.01.2009 Update 19.10.2018 ..
580.00 Lei 522.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 522.00 Lei
Churchill's Pocketbooks Clinical Dentistry 4th Edition, Scully -10%
Published: 2016 The new edition of this highly successful pocketbook continues to offer reade..
550.00 Lei 495.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 495.00 Lei
Published: 16.08.2020The well-loved Oxford Handbook of General Practice is a lifeline for busy GPs, ..
925.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 925.00 Lei
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (Vol.1 & Vol.2) 20th Edition -5%
The definitive guide to internal medicine is more essential than ever with the latest in disease mec..
4,200.00 Lei 3,990.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 3,990.00 Lei
Crash Course Nervous System 4th Edition,  Ross -15%
Published : 2015 Crash Course – your effective every day study companion PLUS the perfect ant..
820.00 Lei 697.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 697.00 Lei
Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy 4th Edition, Fehrenbach -10%
Published: 16.02.2015 Featuring a full-color review of dental structures, Illustrated De..
1,550.00 Lei 1,395.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 1,395.00 Lei