The Maths Calculator Book -30%
Guess it, press it and check it with a cool calculatorThe Maths Calculator Book is packed with ..
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Melange, or 'spice', is the most valuable - and rarest - element in the universe. And it can only be..
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Power Up Level 2 Teacher's Book -70%
Confident in learning. Confidence in life. Power Up is a brand new course from the bestselling autho..
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Villette, Charlotte Brontë -50%
Fleeing an unhappy past in England, penniless Lucy Snowe starts life anew at a boarding school in..
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Acting with Power: Why We Are More Powerful than We Believe, Deborah Gruenfeld -25%
What if instead of worrying about getting more power, we focus on using the power we do have better?..
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Level A2 Great British Writers + Audio CD -30%
Who was a spy for Queen Elizabeth I’s secret service? Which writer kept a bear in his room at Cambri..
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Tamburin 2 Lehrerhandbuch -50%
Das Lehrerhandbuch gibt in übersichtlicher Form unterrichtspraktische Hinweise zum Lehrwer..
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Menschen: A1 Berufstrainer mit Audio-CD -35%
Der Berufstrainer greift sprachliche und thematische Aspekte aus dem Kursbuch auf und überträgt s..
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Die Deutschprofis A1.1 Kurs- und Übungsbuch -15%
Kursbuch mit Audios und Clips online- Teilband mit 6 Lektionen und integriertem Übungsbuch- Einstieg..
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A1 Tim und Claudia auf der suche nach ihrem Freund -25%
Rätselspaß auf der Suche nach einem Genie.Was hat die Jugendbande Schwarze Hand getan? Hat sie Willi..
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Deutsch lernen mit Spielen und Rätseln Untere Mittelstufe -25%
Attraktives Übungsmaterial in 3 Stufen ZIELSETZUNG Der Lernende soll auf spielerische und ansprechen..
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Schritte International 1 Audio-CDs zum Kursbuch -50%
Die CDs enthalten alle Hörtexte des Kursbuchs.Update 15.08.2018 ..
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Forte! 1: Guida Per L'Insegnante (A1) -10%
The Forte Teacher's Guide! 2 (A1).The volume provides detailed explanations, indications a..
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Certificazioni. Preparazione alla Prova Scritta. Livello Medio. -70%
Questo volume comprende una raccolta di esercitazioni di diverso tipo, finalizzate alla preparazion..
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L'italiano all'universita 1: Libro dello studente ed esercizi + CD Audio ( A1-A2) -10%
Corso di italiano per università e istituti di lingua. Livello elementare (A1-A2).Ogni volume compr..
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Permesso di soggiorno + Audio CD A2 -25%
Permesso di soggiorno + Audio CD A2Uno strumento semplice, pratico e affidabile sia per lo studente..
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Nuovo Progetto italiano Junior 1 -20%
Nuovo Progetto italiano Junior 1 è il primo di 3 volumi di un moderno corso d’italiano per raga..
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Chiaro! A1- guida per l'insegnante + Audio CD -15%
Questa guida fornisce:una presentazione ragionata della struttura e dei principi didattici del cors..
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Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology 3rd Edition, Brian A. Magowan -10%
Wherever you study or practise obstetrics and gynaecology, a sound knowledge of the clinical aspects..
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Student Nurses' Guide to Professional Practice and Development, Christian -70%
Published : November 25, 2005 Updated 16.01.2019 ..
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Published: 16.04.2020For more than seventy-five years, Grant s Atlas of Anatomy has maintained a tra..
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Current Diagnosis & Treatment Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Maitin -10%
Maximize your patients' independence, quality of life, mobility, and functional improvement with ..
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Hyperlipidaemia 3rd Edition : Diagnosis and Management (A Hodder Arnold Publication),  Durrington -55%
The book provides a state-of-the-art treatise on modern clinical practice relating to hyperlipidaemi..
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Published 03.05.2019Mastering essential microbiology concepts is easier with this vividly illustrate..
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