American Cities Level B1.2 + Audio CD (Reading & Training Discovery), Clemen -30%
How much did the Dutch pay for Manhattan Island in 1614? Where is the world’s blue jeans headquarter..
210.00 Lei 147.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 147.00 Lei
Life Beginner Teacher's Book and Class Audio CD and DVD ROM -45%
Now in a new edition, National Geographic Learning brings the world to your classroom with Life, a s..
1,080.00 Lei 594.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 594.00 Lei
The story concerns Miranda, a lovely young maiden, and Prospero, her philosophical old magician f..
40.00 Lei
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Othello, SHAKESPEARE -50%
The Signet Classics edition of William Shakespeare’s Othello, a disturbing exploration of jea..
110.00 Lei 55.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 55.00 Lei
An Artist of the Floating World, Ishiguro -45%
In the face of the misery in his homeland, the artist Masuji Ono was unwilling to devote his art s..
500.00 Lei 275.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 275.00 Lei
Pippi Longstocking, Lindgren -15%
Tommy and his sister Annika have a new neighbor, and her name is Pippi Longstocking. She has crazy..
140.00 Lei 119.00 Lei
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Das Leuchten in der Tiefe -15%
Alex bekommt von seinem Vater, dem Besitzer der mächtigen Ölbohrfirma Price, eine Auftrag: Er soll d..
180.00 Lei 153.00 Lei
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Englisch entdecken - Die Kindergartenbande: Picknick mit Kuhen -10%
Die Kindergartenbande - Picknick mit KühenHurra! Die Kindergartenbande macht ein Picknick am See. ..
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Starten wir!: A2 Lehrerhandbuch -35%
Update 21.08.2019..
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Taschenwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Einsprachig Deutsch -0%
Das Langenscheidt Taschenwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache ist ein einsprachiges Lernerwörterbuc..
246.05 Lei 246.05 Lei
Ex Tax: 246.05 Lei
KOMPAKT Mit Erfolg zu telc Deutsch B1-B2 Beruf -25%
KOMPAKT Mit Erfolg zu telc Deutsch B1-B2 BerufKOMPAKT bietet eine Modellprüfung zur effizienten Vorb..
260.00 Lei 195.00 Lei
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Nuovo Progetto Italiano: New Ed Quarderno Degli Esercizi 2 + Cd-audio (Level B1-B2) -10%
 Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2 Quaderno degli esercizi, con attività scritte, cruciverba, prove d..
210.00 Lei 189.00 Lei
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L1 La strega Frittellona -20%
Libri per bambini dai 6-8 anni.Update 03.07.2020..
35.00 Lei 28.00 Lei
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Nuovo Progetto italiano 3 : Libro dello studente + Audio CD (2) ( B2-C1) -10%
Corso multimediale di lingua e civiltà italiana. Livello intermedio - avanzato (B2-C1) Nuovo Prog..
350.00 Lei 315.00 Lei
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L0 La strega Morbillina -20%
Libri a colori per bambini dai 4 ai 6 anni.Update 03.07.2020..
25.00 Lei 20.00 Lei
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Arrivederci! 1: Guida Per L'Insegnante -10%
Il volume offre suggerimenti e informazioni utili su come presentare le diverse unità e su come pr..
180.00 Lei 162.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 162.00 Lei
Primiracconti : Dino Buzzati (B2-C1) -10%
Dino Buzzati (B2, C1) presenta brani didattizzati tratti da La famosa invasione degli or..
100.00 Lei 90.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 90.00 Lei
Textbook of Medical Physiology, 13th Edition, Guyton, Hall -10%
Published : 03.06.2015 The 13th edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology c..
2,100.00 Lei 1,890.00 Lei
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Acute Stroke Care: A Manual from the University of Texas - Houston Stroke Team, Uchino -60%
You have just encountered a possible stroke patient. You ask yourself, what should I do first? How d..
650.00 Lei 260.00 Lei
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Degowin's Diagnostic Examination Flashcards, Leblond -10%
A fun, fast, effective way for students to learn how to perform a complete diagnostic examinationBas..
650.00 Lei 585.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 585.00 Lei
Students’ favorite review resource for studying the essentials of medical pharmacology, Lippinc..
880.00 Lei
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500 Single Best Answers in Medicine, Dubb -10%
Published: 2011 Single Best Answer (SBA) examinations are an increasingly popular means of testi..
620.00 Lei 558.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 558.00 Lei
Published:  Second, International edition 1 Feb. 2019Enhanced by a new chapter, new illust..
950.00 Lei
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