Keynote Intermediate Workbook & Workbook Audio CD -50%
Through life-changing stories, respected thinkers and authentic presentations, Keynote promotes a de..
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The Alphabet  Flashcards -10%
These colorful flashcards build knowledge of letters and sounds in a fun, hands-on format. The flash..
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From discovering what sugar does to our teeth, to investigating which fabric is best for an umbrella..
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First English Words Activity Book 1 -10%
Encourage a love for learning English and capture the imagination of children. Through fun and engag..
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B1 Preliminary for Schools 1 without Answers -55%
Authentic examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English provide perfect practice because they..
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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, George R. R. Martin -20%
A century before A GAME OF THRONES, two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros... A KNIGHT OF THE SEVE..
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Das Leben A2 Kurs- und Ubungsbuch -20%
Das Leben ermöglicht eine reichhaltige, stimulierende Lernumgebung, die das attraktive, im Magazin..
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Mittelstufe 2 Amistad, Waltraud Hassler -45%
Update 15.02.2021..
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Ziel C1.1 Lehrerhandbuch -50%
Das Lehrerhandbuch bietet ausführliche Hinweise zum Vorgehen im Unterricht mit methodischen Tipps, V..
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Jana und Dino 2 Medienpaket -40%
Das Medienpaket enthält:- 2 Audio-CDs mit Liedern, Hörtexten und Reimen zum Kursbuch- eine..
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Mit uns! B2 Arbeitsbuch -40%
 Vertiefung und Erweiterung des Kursbuchstoffes• selbstentdeckende Grammatik• Aussprache-Übunge..
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Chiaro! A1- guida per l'insegnante + Audio CD -15%
Questa guida fornisce:una presentazione ragionata della struttura e dei principi didattici del cors..
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Club Orbital, Claudio Apone (Edizioni Integrali) -20%
Grandi Classici: Piccolo mondo antico, Antonio Fogazzaro -20%
Libro esemplare del Risorgimento italiano, narra le vicende dei due sposi Franco Maironi e Luisa Rig..
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Vita nova, Dante Alighieri (Edizioni Integrali) -20%
Update 24.05.2021..
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Raccontami 2 Libro per lo studente -25%
Il secondo volume di un corso di lingua italiana per bambini che propone un modo nuovo e stimolante..
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Brain and Spinal Tumors of Childhood, Walker -70%
Children with brain and spinal tumors account for 20-25% of childhood cancers. Until the early 199..
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Published : 16.02.2012 The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology provides an access..
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Echo Made Easy 2nd Edition, Sam Kaddoura -35%
This best-selling and highly-praised book provides a practical and clinically useful introduction to..
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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology 8th Edition, H. P. Rang -20%
Comprehensive yet easy to use, Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology has been providing core b..
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Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine 22nd Edition, Brian R. Walker -15%
Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine provides the factual knowledge required to ..
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Histology, 7th Edition, Pawlina -10%
Published : 31.01.2015 Updated 11.01.2019 ..
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