Carrie's War, Nina Bawden -10%
'I did a dreadful thing...or I feel that I did, and nothing can change it...'It is the Second World..
180.00 Lei 162.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 162.00 Lei
The Old Curiosity Shop, Charles Dickens -35%
One of Dickens's most haunting and bizarre novels, The Old Curiosity Shop is the story ..
100.00 Lei 65.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 65.00 Lei
The Trojan Women and Other Plays, Euripides -50%
This volume of Euripides' plays offers new translations of the three great war plays Trojan ..
160.00 Lei 80.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 80.00 Lei
Shakespeare on Toast: Getting a Taste for the Bard , Ben Crystal -30%
Actor, producer and director Ben Crystal revisits his acclaimed book on Shakespeare for the 400th an..
220.00 Lei 154.00 Lei
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Passport to Academic Presentations Teacher's Book (Revised Edition) -40%
Oral presentations have become an increasingly important feature of Higher Education; developing abi..
480.00 Lei 288.00 Lei
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Kid's Box Level 4 Activity Book -65%
Kid's Box is a six-level course for young learners. Bursting with bright ideas to inspire both teach..
260.00 Lei 91.00 Lei
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B1 Der Besserwiser - Carsten Tsara und das scharfe S, Franz Specht -40%
Lass das Telefon klingeln, Carsten, geh nicht hin! Du hast ja ab heute Urlaub. Übermorgen kommt Ch..
140.00 Lei 84.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 84.00 Lei
Schritte International Neu 3 Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch -40%
Kursbuchteil- alle Lektionen folgen einem klaren Aufbau für hohe Lerntransparenz- neue Foto-Hörgesch..
375.00 Lei 225.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 225.00 Lei
ELI Spiel: Bau den Satz! -25%
Lernen, Üben und korrekten Verwenden der Verbzeiten Erweitern den Wortschatz im Bereich der Verben a..
480.00 Lei 360.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 360.00 Lei
Lehr- und Ubungsbuch der deutschen Grammatik – Neubearbeitung  A2/C1 -40%
Zielgruppe: Anfänger zum systematischen Lernen und Üben; Fortgeschrittene zur gründlichen Wiede..
735.00 Lei 441.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 441.00 Lei
DaF kompakt neu A1-B1 Übungsbuch mit MP3-CD -15%
Das Übungsbuch DaF kompakt neu A1-B1 ergänzt das Kursbuch und ist ideal, um das im Unterricht Gel..
440.00 Lei 374.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 374.00 Lei
Menschen: A2 Vokabeltaschenbuch -45%
Das Vokabeltaschenbuch enthält: - den gesamten Wortschatz des Kursbuchs - Beispielsätze ..
180.00 Lei 99.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 99.00 Lei
Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2a : Libro studente + quaderno degli esercizi +CD-ROM+ CD-audio (B1) -10%
Corso multimediale di lingua e civiltà italiana. Livello intermedio (B1).Nuovo Progetto italiano 2a..
290.00 Lei 261.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 261.00 Lei
Ambarabà 4 Libro dello studente -25%
Ambarabà è un corso di italiano per bambini della scuola primaria (6-10 anni).Il corso è frutto di ..
220.00 Lei 165.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 165.00 Lei
Giochi senza frontiere, Roberta Ferencich -20%
Questo libro propone una vastissima ed originale raccolta di giochi didattici e si rivolge non solo..
360.00 Lei 288.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 288.00 Lei
Domani 1 - guida per l'insegnante + Audio CD ( A1) -10%
Questa guida fornisce:le indicazioni metodologichele istruzioni per lo svolgimento delle attività di..
250.00 Lei 225.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 225.00 Lei
Ambarabà 1 (2CDs) -25%
Ambarabà 1 si rivolge a bambini della prima classe della scuola primaria. L'opera e composta da: un ..
260.00 Lei 195.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 195.00 Lei
Dacie and Lewis's Practical Haematology, 9th Edition, Lewis -30%
Published : October 25, 2001 This is a highly successful, practical manual with a worldw..
560.00 Lei 392.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 392.00 Lei
Pretest Obstetrics and Gynecology Self-Assessment and Review 14th Edition -10%
PreTest® is the closest you can get to seeing the test before you take it. Written by clerkship..
550.00 Lei 495.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 495.00 Lei
Oxford American Handbook of Clinical Medicine 2nd Edition -10%
Published 12.09.2013 The Oxford American Handbook of Clinical Medicine Second Edition co..
990.00 Lei 891.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 891.00 Lei
Published : 13 May 2015 For over half a century Davidson's Principles and Practice of Me..
539.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 539.00 Lei
Physiology, Preston -10%
Published : 01.08.2012 The addition to the popular "Lippincott's Illustrated Review (LIR)" se..
880.00 Lei 792.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 792.00 Lei
500 Single Best Answers in Medicine, Dubb -10%
Published: 2011 Single Best Answer (SBA) examinations are an increasingly popular means of te..
620.00 Lei 558.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 558.00 Lei