Garden Rubber Stamp Activities (Hardcover) -30%
Decorate the garden scenes with spiky hedgehogs, crawling caterpillars, busy bees and lots more in t..
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Ex Tax: 217.00 Lei
Carousel. The English-speaking world. Level A1/A2 -30%
Update 06.06.2019..
150.00 Lei 105.00 Lei
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IGR1 4 The Chicken and the Bread with Audio Download Version -50%
Do you want to actually teach young learners to read? Based on the latest research into early rea..
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Discover the origins of the mysterious and unique Legendary and Mythical Pokemon!This book is a must..
150.00 Lei
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Work on Your Grammar: A Practice Book for Learners at Intermediate Level -30%
This is a resource for learners who want to improve their English grammar. Each of the 30 units p..
240.00 Lei 168.00 Lei
Ex Tax: 168.00 Lei
The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle -50%
Through the foggy streets of Victorian London to the deepest countryside, Sherlock Holmes uses his u..
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Sag’s auf Deutsch - Say it in German: The 1,000 most essential German words -10%
Say it in German! Learn just 1000 words and you will be able to use 80% of everyday vocabulary qu..
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Ex Tax: 148.50 Lei
ELI Language Games: Wie geht's? (German) -25%
Bei diesem Spiel geht es darum, die richtigen Antworten zum menschlichen Körper, zur Ernährung, zu g..
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.DIGITAL: Beste Freunde A1/2 Kursbuch mit Audio -20%
Digitales Kursbuch mit integrierten MP3-Dateien und zahlreichen interaktiven Übungen- modularer Aufb..
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Übungsbuch Deutsch -10%
Update 17.10.2018 ..
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Beste Freunde: A2.2 Deutsch für Jugendliche. Mein Grammatikheft -40%
Übungsgrammatik zu jedem Kursbuchmodul von Beste Freunde mit einer Vielzahl gram..
155.00 Lei 93.00 Lei
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Tamburin 1 Arbeitsbuch -40%
Das Arbeitsbuch bietet eine Fülle von Übungsformen zum Intensivieren und Differenzieren de..
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9-12 Anni - Decameron, Giovanni Bocaccio -20%
Update 24.05.2021..
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Europa, Marinoni -20%
Update 02.07.2021..
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8-10 Anni - Sandokan, Emilio Salgari -20%
Update 24.05.2021..
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Forte!: Libro dello studente ed esercizi 1 + CD audio + CD-ROM ( A1) -10%
Il Libro dello studente ed esercizi di Forte! 1 offre: 1 unità introduttiva +..
270.00 Lei 243.00 Lei
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Current Diagnosis & Treatment Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Endoscopy, Norton Greenberger -20%
The ultimate clinical companion for managing digestive and liver diseases—now revised and updated!Pa..
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The ECG Made Easy 8th Edition, Hampton -15%
For forty years The ECG Made Easy has been regarded as the best introductory guide to the ..
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Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context is unique in integrating clinical information, correlati..
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Anaesthesia for Emergency Care -50%
Published 28.06.2012 Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Anaesthesia offer a concise, didactic way..
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Published : 05.09.2016 Echocardiography (echo), the use of ultrasound to examine the heart, i..
475.00 Lei
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Published : 26.05.2016 Concise, practical, and packed full of clinical information, the&..
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