-45% Level 4 A Tidy Ghost, Peter Viney

Level 4 A Tidy Ghost, Peter Viney

  • Publisher: Garnet
  • ISBN: 9781907575235
  • 140.00 Lei
  • 77.00 Lei
  • Ex Tax: 77.00 Lei

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and the noise of thunder and it started raining heavily. Marilyn looked out of the window and frowned.

‘Rick,’ she said. ‘There isn’t a ghost, is there?’

They both laughed then.

You don’t find ghosts in modern houses, do you? When Marilyn and Rick move into their new house, strange things begin to happen. Have they got a ghost – a very clean and tidy ghost? Marilyn decides to find out more about their new home.

Update 27.02.2021