-75% Operative Endoscopy and Endoscopic Surgery in Infants and Children, Najmaldin

Operative Endoscopy and Endoscopic Surgery in Infants and Children, Najmaldin

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This highly illustrated volume provides step-by-step guidance to the performance of endoscopic techniques in infants and children. The text is well structured throughout, with all operative chapters written according to a standard template for authority and consistency, and to ensure that the procedures described can be followed easily by the trainee as well as experienced surgeon. 

In addition to the explanatory text, procedures are depicted through a series of high-quality black and white surgical line diagrams supplemented with clinical photographs where appropriate. Potential pitfalls and problems, and their solutions, are an important feature of this book, and complications are highlighted throughout. As well as describing established procedures, the book also refers to experimental, but potentially significant, procedures in relevant parts of each chapter. Where more than one established procedure exists for a condition, each is described separately and their relevant advantages detailed to help the reader to make an informed and appropriate choice. 

The first volume devoted to this important topic, it will be essential reading for trainee and qualified pediatric surgeons undertaking endoscopy and/or endoscopic surgery for thoracic, gastrointestinal, general abdominal, urological and other conditions in infants and children, and a useful reference for adult surgeons with some degree of pediatric practice.

Update 30.10.2018

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