-30% Moving into Healthcare and Nursing Teacher’s Book

Moving into Healthcare and Nursing Teacher’s Book

  • Publisher: Garnet
  • ISBN: 9781907575686
  • 420.00 Lei
  • 294.00 Lei
  • Ex Tax: 294.00 Lei

Moving into ESAP is a series for vocational college and university students. This title is aimed at students who need English for their continuing Healthcare and Nursing education. The course caters for students at a relatively low language level but with high aspirations. It provides a carefully targeted, content-driven course that not only helps to make the study experience more effective, but also prepares students for the world of work.

Key features:

  • Communicative activities focus on developing confident, effective communicators.
  • Grammar and vocabulary are carefully tailored to discipline-specific needs; an additional Grammar reference section at the back of the Course Book provides extra support for each unit.
  • In addition to the four skills, the materials teach transferable skills that relate both to the students’ wider studies and to their current and future careers.
  • Personalised Over to You! tasks encourage student engagement with their own learning and with the topics.
  • Other key focuses include: critical thinking, project work, and opportunities to develop self-assessment.

Update 15.03.2021