-30% One Pot: Wholesome, Time-saving Everyday Recipes

One Pot: Wholesome, Time-saving Everyday Recipes

  • Publisher: DK
  • ISBN: 9780241510179
  • 370.00 Lei
  • 259.00 Lei
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The magic of one-pot cooking is a dream come true for those with a busy lifestyle. Recipes that are simple, healthy, and easy should be non-negotiable. This cookbook gives you just that - quick, delicious meals that take less than half the time.

You can create a feast in just one pot! Low-carb food, easy dinners, and wholesome family favourites - all in a few simple steps. Packed full of recipes from all over the world, and covering both stove-top and oven cooking, this book shows you how to cook for flavour with ease and speed, in a single pot, pan, wok, or tray.

Update 27.01.2023