Anatomy Flashcards 4th Edition, Joanne Tillotson

Anatomy Flashcards 4th Edition, Joanne Tillotson

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Kaplan Medical's Anatomy Flashcards are designed to help you master the structures and systems of the human body. Whether you're a student, a health care practitioner, or just interested in learning about human anatomy, you can review on-the-go with 300 detailed, full-color cards.

Essential Review

  • 300 durable flashcards with full-color, anatomically precise illustrations
  • In-depth anatomical descriptions on the reverse side of each card
  • Organized by anatomical system, with tab-cut and color-coded cards for topic selection at a glance
  • New hole punch & ring to help you carry a custom-selected set of cards
  • New “Active Learning” section with tips to maximize retention through multiple learning channels
  • 10 bonus coloring cards to color, label, and self-quiz for the ultimate in academic engagement and recall

Update 13.12.2021