Transforming Project Management (Hardcover),  Duane Petersen

Transforming Project Management (Hardcover), Duane Petersen

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Turn your strategy into business reality with proven project management and leadership best practices 

According to Harvard Business Review, IT project failure costs businesses $3 trillion dollars annually. That’s just IT. For the full scope this issue, increase that number exponentially. If you expect more from strategic planning and don’t think projects should decimate budgets and professional reputations, you’re in good company. CEO of UltiMentors Duane Petersen has dedicated his career to helping business leaders transform their companies by turning their strategic vision into portfolios of successful projects.

Now, Petersen shares his winning method with you.

Transforming Project Management takes you beyond envisioning a great strategy and into the realm of implementing it―with skill, care, and expertise. Petersen explains how to break down a strategic plan into key objectives and project portfolios to make sense of all the project “parts”—then successfully lead the execution of the plan. You’ll learn how to evaluate where you are versus where you want to be, develop plans to move your vision forward, translate strategic plans into action plans with tangible efforts, budgets, and schedules, and guide and inspire the individuals and teams tasked with implementing their plans.

Knowing precisely how much a major project will cost before it begins and having processes and tools to monitor how well it’s meeting benchmarks along the way should be standard business practice. Clearly, it’s not. With Transforming Project Management, you have everything you need to tie strategic planning directly to project management—and lead your company to the head of your industry.

Update 24.09.2021