-25% Outline of Orthopedics 13th Edition, Adams

Outline of Orthopedics 13th Edition, Adams

  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • ISBN: 9780443070259
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Now in its thirteenth edition, OUTLINE OF ORTHOPAEDICS is still the most successful, well-established, reputable short textbook of orthopaedics in the English language. Because it is organized in a fashion that separates more advanced material and enables the reader to omit it if preferred, this classic text appeals not only to medical students but also to postgraduate trainees, orthopaedic nurses, and physiotherapists. It offers the reader succinct, practical guidance in clinical examination of the limbs and the spine, which is not only essential for exam preparation but also vital for successful practical diagnosis.New edition of an internationally respected and successful textbook.Gives succinct practical guidance on examination of the limbs and spine especially useful for exam candidates.Smaller type separates out more advanced material two levels of use provide firstly core knowledge for the medical student, and secondly essential information for the postgraduate trainee.

Update 26.01.2021