-40% Grammar Matrix with eZone Updated

Grammar Matrix with eZone Updated

  • Publisher: Helbling
  • ISBN: 9783990890066
  • 580.00 Lei
  • 348.00 Lei
  • Ex Tax: 348.00 Lei

Grammar Matrix updated edition is a complete English Language reference grammar book designed to meet all the pedagogical requirements for CEFR levels from A1 to B2+

Cambridge exam preparation for new Preliminary and First exams

Grammar Matrix stems from every day, hand-on-classroom experience and marries best practice to key innovations such as FAQs and Visual Grammar

Embraces and fully exploits the potential of images, diagrams and mind maps to reveal the matrix that underpins the English language - a fluid language based on simple concepts and patterns

Offers clear grammar explanations and over 3000 exercises (in print and digital)

Update 18.07.2019

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