-65% Grammar Clear and Simple Student Book 1, Boyd

Grammar Clear and Simple Student Book 1, Boyd

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A listening-based program that gently introduces grammar to beginning students through a controlled-vocabulary approach. "The Grammar Clear and Simple 1 and 2" series presents a gradual step-by-step approach to help students acquire basic English skills and an understanding of basic grammatical concepts. Students using "Grammar Clear and Simple": are challenged but not overwhelmed; gain insights into English grammar without lengthy explanations; and internalize structures through meaningful practice.The vocabulary is explicitly taught through pictures and contextualized exercises. Listening passages allow students to integrate grammar as they locate and fill in missing words. Grammar exercises require students to demonstrate comprehension. With a partner activities offer meaningful practice in real-world settings. Back of the Book notes to the teacher expand the teaching/learning potential of the text. Graphic organizers stimulate higher-order thinking skills. Activities help prepare students for standardized texts. 

Update 13.12.2018

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