-80% Operative Thoracic Surgery 5th Edition, Kaiser

Operative Thoracic Surgery 5th Edition, Kaiser

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Previous editions of this book (formerly published in the Rob & Smith Series) have established it as the pre-eminent guide to thoracic surgery. The work is a major revision edited by two well-respected surgeons and includes a host of prestigious international contributors.

A comprehensive reference to operative procedures in this area, the book illustrates each procedure by a series of high-quality, full colour line illustrations, accompanied by detailed notes on operative technique. Additional text describes the principles and justification of choosing each procedure, pre-operative assessment and preparation, post-operative care and outcomes.

The book is a gold standard teaching aid on operative thoracic surgery, and in addition, an invaluable reference for experienced thoracic and cardiothoracic surgeons approaching unfamiliar or uncommon procedures.

Update 30.10.2018

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