Planetino 3 Kursbuch

Planetino 3 Kursbuch

  • Publisher: Hueber
  • ISBN: 9783193015792
  • 240.00 Lei
  • Ex Tax: 240.00 Lei

Planetino is based on the requirements of the European reference framework and implements the portfolio concept in concrete terms.

Each volume offers 5 modules, each of which is structured according to the same principle:

- Entry via 1-2 topic-related comics that incorporate already known structures

- 3-4 short lessons of 2-4 pages each.

- Overview page with grammar and important phrases.

At the end of the volume, a performing game, information on regional studies with playful activities and a chronological list of active and passive vocabulary are offered.

In volume 3 , the regional studies unit "Stop DA-CH-L!" Offers ten attractively designed special pages with interesting information about the German-speaking countries.

Update 29.06.2020