International Relations Theories 3rd Edition, Dunne

International Relations Theories 3rd Edition, Dunne

  • Publisher: Oxford
  • ISBN: 9780199696017
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Drawing on a wealth of expertise from a global team of contributors, the third edition of International Relations Theories provides an up-to-date and comprehensive account of all the major IR theories--including some of the more alternative understandings not found in other texts--and supports them with case study examples.

Editors Tim Dunne, Milja Kurki, and Steve Smith have brought together a team of international contributors, each specializing in a different theory. The contributors explain the theoretical background to their positions before showing how and why their theories matter. The book opens up space for analysis and debate, allowing students to decide which theories they find most useful in explaining and understanding international relations. While some of the theories discussed are complex, the authors convey them in a clear and accessible manner, with the use of engaging pedagogical features, making this an ideal introduction to the field. 

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