-30% Clinical Judgment USMLE Step 3 Review, Lee

Clinical Judgment USMLE Step 3 Review, Lee

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Published: 2014

To excel on the USMLE Step 3, you need to demonstrate that you can understand and apply foundational and clinical science to patient care, and that you have the capacity to make sound clinical judgments. Clinical Judgment: USMLE Step 3 Review helps you develop and refine your clinical judgment skills in order to pass the exam. This complete review also prepares you to answer questions about clinically relevant basic science concepts on the multiple-choice portion of the USMLE Step 3.

Clinical Judgment: USMLE Step 3 Review offers you:

  • In-depth details of diseases and clinical manifestations presented in an organized, head-to-toe format
  • Foundational science correlations for disease processes to prepare you for this new element of the USMLE Step 3
  • DSM-5 alerts you need to know for psychiatry questions
  • A section on next steps and options-based management to help you prioritize patient management
  • Tips and correlations for the Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS) portion of the exam, integrated into the coverage of each topic
  • A section on Pattern Recognition that will aid in developing your gut instinct about a disease, giving you more time to answer questions on long narrative blocks
  • Integrated Clinical Judgment questions reinforce learning and provide practice
  • Pearls and Keyword Reviews strengthen your knowledge-base

With help from this book, you will be able to face the USMLE Step 3 with the confidence and know-how to get your best exam results.


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