-40% Petite Boutique Farmyard Friends Cloth Book

Petite Boutique Farmyard Friends Cloth Book

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  • Ex Tax: 120.00 Lei

This beautiful cloth book has a textured fabric cover in the shape of a cow. The face has soft appliquéd features and crinkly ears. Inside, there are colourful illustrations of farmyard animals drawn by French illustrator Véronique Petit. A different farm animal features on every page, and the concertina pages open to reveal a charming farm scene that will enchant young children. A HIGH-QUALITY CLOTH BOOK THAT OPENS TO REVEAL A CHARMING FARM SCENE

  • A beautifully designed cloth book with a textured cover and colourful illustrations inside.
  • Véronique Petit’s stylish illustrations will engage and entertain.
  • The concertina cloth format allows all the pages to be viewed at once, revealing a farm scene.

Update 31.07.2020